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This City Rocks:

Centrally located just east of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado’s capital, is a bustling city in the heart of the mid-west. The city, a transportation hub, houses multiple federal agencies and leads the nation in telecommunications.

Denver is a dynamic city for both residents and tourists. There are ample activities to participate in including sports, concerts and theater. In 2008, Denver hosted the Democratic National Conventional sealing its spot in the country’s political landscape.

Denver Sports:

Denver Bronco Tickets – For the last 51 years, the Denver Broncos have had a huge presence in the NFL. Located a mile above sea-level, Sport Authority Field at Mile High breathing is a challenge for even the most fit of teams. With a long waiting-list for season tickets and two Super Bowl wins, the Denver Broncos have one of the most loyal fan bases across the NFL.

Denver Nuggets Tickets – Since 1999, the Denver Nuggets have called the Pepsi Center home. This luxury indoor arena boasts premium club-level box seats and high-quality food vendors. With long-standing coach George Karl leading the charge, the Nuggets have made five playoff appearances.

Colorado Rockies Tickets – As American as apple pie, the Colorado Rockies brought Major League Baseball to the Mile High city. Residents are such big fans of the team, Denver built them their own stadium—Coors Field. Overlooking the Rocky Mountains, Coors Field hosted the team in their first and only World Series appearance.

Colorado Avalanche Tickets –  In 1996, the Colorado Avalanche came to Denver and in the same year won their first Stanley Cup. With a second Stanley Cup win in 2001, the Pepsi Center sells out each home game.

Denver Concert Tickets

As one of the nation’s hippest city’s, Denver has an abundance of musical venues. Brining in some of the top acts to venues like Red Rocks, The Wells Fargo Theater, the Pepsi Center, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Paramount and the Fillmore Auditorium, Denver is a musical hub all year long for reggae, rock, jam-bands and jazz.

Denver Theater Tickets

For the last 40 years, performing arts have had a home at the heart of the city. The Denver Performing Arts Center received a mini-facelift with the reopening of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Each year, The Buell Theater houses a season of Broadway’s top musicals and theater. The Boettcher Concert Hall has housed the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for more than two decades. The award winning Denver Center Theater Company is a staple in six of the complex’s theaters.

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